Liora K workin’ magic!

Sexy Lady Bookworms is the direct result of a bunch of fantastic people and businesses working together.  None of this could have happened without:


These ladies were terrific.  They came from all walks of life – teachers, musicians, artists, mothers, librarians, scientists, tech geeks, dancers, and so much more – and they volunteered their time and effort to support the cause.  They’re talented, intelligent, caring women and we’re grateful for each and every one of them.

Photographers & Stylists

Impulse Nine Media – Steve is our graphic designer, webmaster, and one of the photographers.  When he’s not working night and day on websites, he makes ambient post-rock.  Yeah, he’s a rock star.

Liora K Photography – Liora is an extremely talented photographer and the mastermind behind The Feminist Photos.  Go support her newest project, The Feminist Photos!

The Militant Baker – Jes is a baker, a blogger, and a photographer. Her cheer-leading and stepping in as one of the photographers helped get this project off the ground.

BG Boyd – BG rushed in to save us one day when one of our photographers fell ill, acting as a stand-in photographer.  Thanks, BG!

DeathProofHair - Erin did the hair and several of the hairpieces for Sexy Lady Bookworms.  She is a true artist and we’re so thankful she helped us out! Book her at

Perfection Artistry – Kristopher did the makeup for Sexy Lady Bookworms, an impressive feat.  Kudos to him!  He also does a wonderful fake British accent. He works at Imagine. A Barbershop & Hair Studio.


Bookmans on Speedway – They were the first to let the Sexy Lady Bookworms invade their store to take photos.  They were super accommodating, let us borrow several props, climb the bookshelves, run around on a bookcart, and even plugged us on their website.  We salute you, Bookmans!

Mostly Books – We took over their Romance section, nearly left our ladder there, and kept them late but they remained gracious through it all.  Thank you, Mostly Books!

Heroes and Villains Comics – They invited us to romp through their store after hours and we had a blast!  They also loaned us some of their employees as models.  And let us play with fire outside their store.  Mad props to H & V Comics!

The Book Stop on 4th – They soldiered through difficulties with an air conditioner the day of our shoot.  Now that’s Bookworms love.  We appreciated it so much we managed to resist the urge to abscond with some of their awesome chairs.  Much obliged, Book Stop!

Antigone Books – Our last shoot featured a sign hung on their front door that read “Knock if you’re a Sexy Lady Bookworm.”  They let us overrun their kitchen, patiently let us in and out of the store for errand running and smoke breaks, and didn’t mind when we played with all their toys.  And oh, they have the best toys!  We appreciate it, Antigone’s!

Cirque Roots – A great, open space that we were happy to use for our first post-printing photo shoot. The rustic spot in downtown Tucson was a great place to toss around the newly-printed cards!

LoveSmack Studios – Our very last “official” promotional photo shoot, and Allan Sturm’s great space gave us lots of room to play 520-card pickup…


Blonde Dynamite Boutique – They let us borrow some vintage clothing for some of the shoots.  It was very helpful and so much fun to go through all those vintage wares!

Razorz Edge – They loaned one of our models an outfit for a shoot, but we have a sneaking suspicion that several other outfits worn by models were also of Razor’s Edge origin.  We love their style!

Johnny Voodoo – This project was Johnny’s idea.  The photo shoots, the playing cards, donating to charity – all of this started with Johnny Voodoo.  He said it would be popular.  He was right.

The SLB Coordinator & Co-Conspirator

Rachel scheduled shoots at the different stores, signed up models for each shoot, and manned the clipboard.  She worried about the finer details and watched Facebook like a hawk. She also enjoyed herself immensely.

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