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Being surrounded by comic books = smiles

We’re giving a sizable chunk of our profits to Kids Need to Read.  They’re a Phoenix-based charity that provides “inspiring books to underfunded schools, libraries, and literacy programs across the United States, especially those serving disadvantaged children.”  How cool is that?

Here at Sexy Lady Bookworms, we’re big believers in literacy.  Being able to read is life-changing.  And we don’t mean that in a “books are inspiration” kind of way, although that is certainly true.  Reading is life-changing in a basic, fundamental way.

According to thinkliteracy.org, when summing up the National Adult Assessment of Literacy findings, “Nearly half of all functionally illiterate adults live in poverty; they are less likely to find employment than their more literate counterparts and are more likely to require public assistance.

Because nearly 70 percent of incarcerated adults are functionally illiterate, many states, including Arizona, find they can use the illiteracy rate to calculate future prison needs.”

That’s right.  Literacy has a HUGE effect on people’s lives.  Providing books and literacy programs to disadvantaged kids is so very very important to helping them succeed in life.  That’s why we’re proud to support Kids Need To Read.

Check them out at www.kidsneedtoread.org.

Feel free to donate or buy some stuff!

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